The stable operation of Bitcoin proves that a practical, Internet-scale Byzantine fault-tolerant system is feasible. And its reliability is guaranteed by consensus protocol. However, the blockchain system based on proof of work algorithm is at risk of descending into a game between an increasingly centralized network and a handful of oligarchs who have successfully monopolized computing resources.

The MASS community has developed a highly effective proof-of-capacity (PoC) consensus protocol. When a node in the MASS network competes for the next block, it only needs to provide a valid and unforgeable proof of capacity to the network. This proof relates solely to the capacity provided by the node and can be verified by any other nodes. The PoC consensus protocol has many advantages, such as permissionless network, 51% fault tolerance, the network tending more towards decentralization, and supporting multiple blockchain instances in parallel.

In order to apply the PoC consensus protocol to the blockchain system,the MASS community has developed the first MASS NET blockchain system based on PoC protocol, and will release the MASS consensus engine and MASS cross-chain protocol in the future. With the release of the MASS Net test network, the MASS community will also subsequently release the MASS Net white paper, and papers on technical and economic mechanism. The MASS community is committed to promoting mass adoption and technological advancement in the blockchain.


MASS: A Blockchain Consensus Engine

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